Moringa Medicinal Biochemics

Moringa Medicinal Biochemical Actions

Moringa Olifiera Medicinal Biochemical Actions

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What are Moringa’s Medicinal Biochemical Actions?

Here are some medicinal biochemical actions Moringa is believed to provide to the body:

Antiulcer (9 actions)
Vasodilator (9 actions)
Hypocholesterolemic (14 actions)
Antitumor (10 actions)
Cancer-preventive (19 actions)
Pesticide (13 actions)
Anti-viral (9 actions)
Hypotensive (9 actions)
Diuretic (8 actions)
Fungicide (8 actions)
Antiseptic (7 actions)
Hepatoprotective (7 actions)
Anti-asthmatic (6 actions)
Anti-parkinsonian (7 actions)
Laxative (5 actions)
Anti-atherosclerotic (6 actions)
Anxi-olytic (6 actions)
Hypoglycemic (5 actions)
Anti-herpetic (6 actions)
Anti-histaminic (5 actions)
Anti-rheumatic (5 actions)
Anti-fatigue (5 actions)
Anti-menopausal (4 actions)
Anti-prostatitic (4 actions)
Anti-depressant (8 actions)
Cardio-protective (8 actions)
Anti-osteoporotic (5 actions)
Sedative (4 actions)

In the future more discoveries may be added as additional studies are perfornmed.

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